1. How do I register for a particular meet?

Meet registration will be available to all athletes at least 1 week before the meet. You will be emailed the information necessary with plenty of time to register if you wish to compete at one or all of the meets.  We will collect all of the necessary paperwork and fees to register your athlete for you.


  1. How does my athlete get to the meet?

Parents drive their own athletes to the meets.  If transportation is an issue we can arrange car pooling with other families and coaches.


  1. How much does it cost to compete in a meet?

Your 1st meet is $50 and includes a year of USATF/AAU Membership as well as up to 4 event entries. Each subsequent meet is $20 for up to 4 entries per meet. We also offer unlimited meets/entries for $100.


  1. What age group is my son/daughter in?

The following are the age groups for 2017:

Age Division Year of Birth
8 & Under 2009+
9 – 10 2007-2008
11 – 12 2005-2006
13 – 14 2003-2004
15 – 16 2001-2002
17 – 18 1999-200**


(**Athletes who are still 18 on the final day of the National Meet are eligible to compete as a young woman/man*)


  1. What are the order of events at a track meet?

The following list is the typical order of track events at track meets.  The multi day events such as the state meet, regional meet and national meet will spread the following events over several days.

(1) 3000 meter run (Midget-Young)

(2) 80/100/110 meter hurdle trials (Midget-Young)

(3) 100 meter dash trials (All age groups)

(4) 1500 meter race/ 3000 meter walk (Sub-Bantam-Young)

(5) 80/100/110 meter hurdle finals (Midget-Young)

(6) 100 meter dash finals (all)

(7) 800 meter run finals (all)

(8) 4X100 meter relay (all)

(9) 400 meter dash (all)

(10) 200/400 meter hurdles (Youth-Young)

(11) 1500 meter run (Bantam-Young)

(12) 200 meter dash (all)

(13) 4X400 meter relay (Bantam-Young)


  1. What about the field events?

Well, they are taking place simultaneously with the track events (so your athlete may need to go from a field event to a race on the track–the coaches will tell them about how to do this). Here’s the order for the field events, some of which run concurrent with one another:

Long jump

Triple jump (follows the long jump typically) (youth-young)

High jump

Shot put

Discus throw (follows the shot put typically)

Pole vault

Javelin and mini-javelin throw

(Events typically proceed from youngest to oldest age groups.)


  1. Where can I get more information about the state, regional and national meets?  

You can get most information you need at www.usatfillinois.org


  1. How long do these meets last?

Typical meets start around 9am and last until 4pm.  If your athlete finishes their events before the end of the meet, you are more than welcome to leave early.


  1. Will a coach be at every meet?

Yes, we make every effort to have coaches present at every meet.